Danmarks Ishockey Union har fået følgende mail omkring mulig trænergerning i Kina, hvor AST China søger trænere til både ishockey og kunstskøjteløb: 

Looking for Ice Hockey and Figure Skating coaches in China

AST China (a 100% subsidiary of AST Austria) was founded in 2005 and is a professional sporting technology and infrastructure provider, with a strong focus on winter sports. The company is a turn key provider for commercial and professional Ice Rinks and Ice Arenas including refrigeration, chillers, hockey boards, ice resurfacing machines, etc. As ice rinks in shopping malls are very popular in Asia, AST China also operates a large number of shopping mall rinks.

Ice Hockey and Figure Skating are relatively new sports in China and because of the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in 2022 Theres is a growing interest in learning and practising Ice Sports. Therefore, AST China is looking for Ice Hockey and Figure Skate coaches. The coaches will be based in one of our Ice Rink locations all over China and there will be an apartment at your disposal. Furthermore, AST China i providing 2 return flights each year between the home country and China. Minimum stay is 12 months.

Your tasks will be to train and educate young children in ice hockey and figure skating. Training level will be beginners/slightly advanced. Important is that you can communicate with children in a playful way. You will show and demonstrate all exercises on ice yourself and the children will follow you.

Salary: 3000 USD per months (depending on you qualifications) and an apartment at your disposal. Two flights home a year.

Contract: Minimum stay 12 months.

Please send your CV, application and references to: Ann.Hirvell@ast-china.com
If you have any questions you are welcome to give me a call: +43 660 4120444

We are looking forward to receiving your application!