Så er der igen nyt fra VM-arrangørerne. Her kan du læse om, hvordan du kommer frem og tilbage i VM-byerne. For danske fans er det naturligvis vigtigt at læse afsnittene omkring Ostrava, hvor det ikke skulle være noget problem at komme frem og tilbage. Og offentlig transport i de to VM-byer er ligeledes billig.

Tjek nedenstående ud:

Either you’ll be waking up in a comfortable hotel or you’ll be travelling to the Worlds’ games from your sweet homes, we all have to meet at the same place at the end of our journeys. In the centre of hopes and attention from the whole ice hockey world. But we all know hockey is a fast game, where waiting for anything isn’t possible.

Therefore please pay attention to the following lines, so you won’t miss a second from thrilling battles in Prague and Ostrava!

You also need some luck in the game. But you have now an opportunity to tune up your tactics for the certain success – so you could enjoy the World Championship without any unpleasant affairs. Since the Czech Republic has traditionally a dense and cheep railway network, the organizers rely mainly on transportation by trains. České dráhy (Czech Railways Co.) will dispatch a special set of trains during the tournament between the two host cities.

Moreover, you can travel to Prague and Ostrava from any place in the Czech Republic with a free return ticket!

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Better leave your car at home, because you won’t get a lot opportunities to score with it in the busy parts of Prague and Ostrava. If need to travel by car, better park in the suburbs of the host cities and use comfortable public transportation for getting further in the city.

Another advantage of the railways is that in Prague, the train stops just a few hundred metres from O2 arena (at Libeň  station and Vysočanská station).

But you would maybe commit a sin, if you didn’t enjoy Prague and Ostrava also in their “unhockey“ spheres! Both cities offer you a great opportunity to gain new energy, neccessary for the dramatic games’ denouement.

Everything in beautiful architecture and cheep prices. Therefore you don’t have to fear travelling for tourist attractions.

Both Prague and Ostrava offer a comfortable and cheep network of public transportation (Prague – 90 min. ticket cca 1,17 €, daily ticket cca 4 € / Ostrava – 70 min. ticket cca 1 €, daily ticket 3 €).

But don’t forget to set out for the game ahead of time. In Prague, the fastest way to O2 arena is to get off at the metro station “Českomoravská“ (line B), alternatively at the tram station “Multiarena Praha“. In Ostrava, you get the closest to ČEZ Arena by getting off at the tram station “Sport Arena“.

The tickets for public transportation are available in the ticket machines at all the metro stations (Prague only), tram stations and bus stations. You can also buy a ticket via SMS. The lines of public transport will be straightened douring the tournament in both cities. There will be also a special transportation info in English for the visitors.

But still you might want to miss the crowds and afford yourself a peacefull way to the hall. If so, dont’t hesitate to use one of the more distatnt but less busy stations and get to the hall by walk. Than you would have a great opportunity to meet Prague and Ostrava in a unconventional way.

And then ? Let’s celebrate ice hockey! Hopefully you won’t miss a single piece of the upcoming stunning games at the World Championship. What we all love about ice hockey is speed and tension.

Not that much we love those things while travelling to the hall. Save your nerves and energy for the games. See you in Prague and Ostrava!

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